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Parou, Perdeu

Club Social

Parou, Perdeu

We created the first data reward promotion in history.
Club Social
MMA Globes / Best Marketing Discipline Campaign / Bronze AMPRO Globes Awards / Melhor Campanha Promocional / Prata

Connected to the behavior of young Brazilians, we saw an opportunity to connect the popular brand of cookies and snacks with an increasingly common habit: staying connected. We launched the promo that changed the game and distributed internet across the country.

We launched the promo that once and for all ended the nightmare of every young Brazilian: being without internet. Thousands of gigs were distributed with a very simple mechanic: did you run out of data packages? Find data in our package.
In the “Aprenda Sem Parar” machine, we test and reward people’s knowledge with more than 1,000 product packages. And our Chatbot via zap was a pioneer in using memetic language to interact with the public.
The promo awarded 1 prize per minute and spread fun activations with DNA Club Social. As a result, no one stopped buying or using the internet. Another 14 gigabytes were distributed and more than 8 tons of product sold.



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Parou, Perdeu

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