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INTO MORE conversations.

To occupy more spaces, we operate in different creative territories.
Discover our solutions tested and approved by big brands.
Icone Innovation

Innovation Sparks Botão de acesso ao serviço

A new product to call your own.
Form concept to gondola.

Using a methodology that combines research, behavior, data and mapping of new consumption occasions, we combine human needs with new business opportunities for brands.

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Not Just a Promo Botão de acesso ao serviço

Promos to help brand building and generating value for the business.

We see promotion as a powerful behavior changing tool, capable of creating brand preference. We ideate promotions starting from the insight, going through mechanics and regulations to implementation, and we build narratives that involve and engage the public.

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In Real Life Activation Botão de acesso ao serviço

Activations that impact the public’s emotions and the client’s business.

Whether a proprietary activation or a sponsorship project, inserted into everyday life or designed as an escape from everyday life, we combine data and technology to create memorable sensory experiences and expand the public's emotional connections with the brand.

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Brand Originals Botão de acesso ao serviço

Original formats to unlock legitimate connections.

In a world where we increasingly consume streaming services, we understand that entertainment is the key to deeper connections. We create everything from short films to long forms, with format and narrative arc, always geared towards delivering production in line with distribution.

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Beyond Experience Botão de acesso ao serviço

The best brand experience. From plan to broadcast.

Brand experience can be expressed in many forms. A platform, a live commerce, an event. But it can't be just that. We create experiences based on a broader concept, integrating technology, broadcast, influencers, phygital thinking and original narrative.

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Integrated Stories Botão de acesso ao serviço

Integrated campaigns delivered. From media to content. From influence to point of sale.

At B, integrated communication does not simply mean multichannel thinking. It’s about integrating the entire team to create altogether. It’s about integrating the brand’s voice with that of influencers. It’s about integrating impact into business objectives.

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New Commerce Botão de acesso ao serviço

Because Shopper's journey begins long before the purchase.

Have you noticed that our cart is never empty? We live in a continuous purchasing process. This is the essence of new commerce. It never sleeps. And brands shouldn’t sleep when it comes to trade either.

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Metatainment Botão de acesso ao serviço

New connection territories with your audience.

Metaverse is a game. It's NFT. It's cryptocurrency. It's virtual life. It's all of this combined. And it's also a new way of conceiving more endemic connections between brands and people. Welcome to web3.

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